Question of the Week: Can Anyone Outside of the ACC/Big East Win the NCAA Tournament?

January 18th, 2009

After a one week hiatus, CHN's Question of the Week is back.  Each week I'll pose a Question of the Week for you the reader to chew on (masticate if you prefer) and digest..


This Week's Question: Can Anyone Outside of the ACC/Big Ten Win the NCAA Tournament?


First off, I should note that a similar question was posed by "Wander" on the CHN Message Board. So if you don't like this week's question.. blame him.


Last week, 10 of the 14 highest ranked teams were from the Big East & ACC. Similarly, 8 of the top 12 RPI squads are from those two leagues. And if you prefer new-age stats from the likes of Ken Pomeroy, note that 6 of his current 7 top teams are from these leagues as well.


So with all that perceived and real dominance aside, the question remains, can (and will) a team from outside the ACC & Big Ten win the NCAA title? The most likely candidates include Oklahoma, Michigan State, always-dangerous UCLA, as well as non-BCS squads like Gonzaga, Xavier, Butler, and Memphis.


Lets hear what you have to say.. Post your comments below!


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