Question of the Week: Can Arkansas Win the SEC?

January 6th, 2009

Each week, I'll pose a Question of the Week for you the reader to chew on and digest..


This Week's Question: Can Arkansas Win the SEC?


Fresh off a monster win over #7 Texas, the question is this: Can Arkansas, yes Arkansas, the team that lost seemingly everybody from last year's team and was predicted to struggle mightily, win the SEC, one of college basketball's top conferences? I'll admit, I didn't believe in the Hogs until tonight. Even after beating Oklahoma, I figured it was just a fluke, and that they'd come back down to Earth quickly.. but I'm ready to start revving up the bandwagon now.


Sure, we have no clue how the inexperienced Hogs will fare once they're finally forced to go play legitimate road games.. but I leave it up to you, is this team a serious contender for the SEC title?


Lets hear what you have to say.. Post your comments below!


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