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Daily Dribble | Message Board  | Question of the Week

By Shawn Siegel



College Basketball: JJ Redick or Adam Morrison?


In our first ever CHN Question of the Week, we asked "Which player would you rather have on your team, Duke's JJ Redick or Gonzaga's Adam Morrison?"  We got dozens of great answers, not to mention more not so great answers, and have compiled the 10 best below. 


So was there a consensus on who is better between JJ or Adam?  Of course not, but the answers below give you a pretty good idea of the best arguments for each.


This Week's Question

Which player would you rather have on your team, Duke's JJ Redick or Gonzaga's Adam Morrison? 


After posting each response, I'll have some commentary before moving to the next.


"I'll take Adam Morrison every day over J.J. Redick.  Just by looking at statistics only, Morrison is a more "complete" player than Redick. Morrison outscores Redick by 3.6 points per game (28.5-24.9 Morrison), outrebounds Redick by 4 rebounds per game (6.0-2.0 Morrison), has similar assists per game (2.1-1.4 Redick) and forces more steals per game (1.8-1.2 Morrison). Both are great shooters and leaders. J.J. needs help to create his shots the majority of the time while Adam is great at creating his own shot off the dribble. In the end, it comes down to raw numbers and Morrison is obviously the more complete player. Morrison over Redick all day, every day.



Las Vegas"


According to Mike, this was an easy question.  Fortunately, most fans disagree.  His fellow fan from Vegas would go with JJ.


"Redick for sure.  He's Redick-ulous!!! Unlimited range, dribble drive, pump fake, step back trey, ability to get to the line, freshman motivator, the list goes on and on.  Not to mention: He runs constant for 37-40 min. per game. These are just the beginning!!!



Las Vegas"


No Dave, you are ridiculous.  I sense a bit of Cameron Crazy in this answer. No worries though, the point is well taken, Redick can shoot from places Morrison only dreams of.


"Wow. Two nearly unstoppable forces of nature with hearts of steel. I'll put my money on Morrison, only because he's more likely to grab a big board and hurt you from anywhere on the court. Plus, I dig his politics and musical taste. Rock on, Aammo!





But Josh, do you dig his mustache?  I didn't think so.  Plus, JJ writes poetry, you have to respect that.


"I'd take Adam Morrison over JJ Redick any day.  Redick can shoot lights out no doubt, but if you want him to drive to the hoop and create his own shot with the shot clock running out, well he wouldn't be your guy.  He's too one dimensional.

Morrison is a nice mixture of Pistol Pete and Larry Bird.  He drives to the hoop, shoots the trey, and hits his crazy little pull up shot constantly.  He gets shut down one way he'll find another way to beat you.

It's basically like this.  Do you want a Reggie Miller (Redick) or do you want a Larry Bird with athleticism? I'll take the Birdman!



Ada, OK"


I'd take Bird over Reggie all day too.  But, can everyone calm down with the Morrison-Bird comparisons.  If you want to dog Redick for being a one-dimensional shooter, lets dog Morrison for being a one-dimensional scorer.  Do y'all realize Bird averaged 10 board per game in the NBA, not to mention 6 assists.  Where is Morrison's passing ability? His ability to play all positions?  His ability to rebound well?  Haven't seen it. He's not Larry Bird.


"I would rather have JJ Redick.  I know Adam Morrison is taller and has made many more clutch plays, but i'd rather have a 93% career FT shooter, who is also probably the most in-shape player in the nation.  He can run around screens all day and get dogged by the opposing team's best defender, but still drop 25 pts a game. And he's also no chump on the defensive end.



Cary, OK"


Unfortunately, you brought up a great point in favor of Morrison in your Redick answer. Clutch play.  Look no further than last year's NCAA Tournament.  Redick averaged a paltry 12 ppg.  Morrison on the other hand, 26 ppg.


"I'll reluctantly take Morrison.  Its about as close as it gets and maybe my putrid hatred of Duke has something to do with it.  Redick has really shown me a lot this year with his ability to create his own shot and get to the rim.  Of course, the three point shooting doesn't hurt either.  But Morrison can literally take a game completely over.  The Washington game was amazing.  Knight, Raivio, and Heytvelt all out and Batista and Mallon saddled with foul trouble....that was just incredible, even though they ended up losing.  He's also got length so he can be a factor on the glass and in the post.  It'd be great to see these two go at it in March.



Bloomington, IN"


The Oklahoma State game was amazing.  I'd like to see JJ take over when Shelden, Dockery, and McRoberts were out.  Don't think it could happen.  Here's another for Morrison:


"This seems like a question without a wrong answer. Having either of these guys on your team this year gives you a chance of beating anyone on any given night. But, if I had to pick between the two I would take Adam Morrison because he has the more complete game. His mid range game right now could be the best in NCAA, he has good range on his shot, and always seems to find a way of getting shots off in traffic inside. He's also a better rebounder and passer than J.J., and has more size.





It's true Nick, this isn't a quiz, there's no wrong answer here.  But your points are well taken, Morrison is more versatile, but how bout JJ's ability to shoot from 40 feet:


"Nobody streches a defense like JJ.  He is responsible for half of the easy looks Shelden Williams gets down low.  That in itself is good for 8-10 points per game in addition to everything he puts on the board.



La Crosse, WI"


Ben make's a great point.  Adam certainly scores, but does he make players better around him?  According to the next guy, JJ doesn't really make his teammates better, they make him look good:


"I would take Morrison, right now he is a player that you can take and move to another team and he would still be productive. Watching JJ play he needs a lot from his teammates,in the terms of needing screens to get open ( Carney did a great job of denying him the ball in the second half against memphis) he's a great shooter and his game has off the dribble/midrange/drawing contact game developed a lot since his freshman year, but the system and the way duke play is basically built around him. Right now I think Morrison is the best offensive player in the country, and right up there in terms of smarts. Also he's less of a defensive liability that JJ is. There are a lot of similarities in their games, both move well without the ball, fierce competors, know how to draw contact and step up when there teams need  them to. But right now woth his overall game and his ability to do other thins beside score I would take Morrison.



Toronto, CA"


Always nice to add a little Canadian flare, but where did this myth come from that JJ doesn't play good D?


"I would rather have Morrison on my NBA team, but I would rather have Redick on my College team.
Both are great shooters, however Redick is a better much more reliable three-point shooter.

Morrison has a 4 inch advantage in height over Redick which helps him get more rebounds then Redick. Redick might also have a  slightly tougher time getting off shots in the NBA due to his height.

While both players are great competitors and leaders, I believe Redick is a better defender than Morrison. Redick is much more athletic than people give him credit for and hasn't been exposed on defense yet.

Morrison will be a better NBA player, but I believe Redick should be the National player of the year because of his all around play, not just for his offense. Everyone talks about how textbook J.J.'s shot is, but he plays textbook defense as well.





JJ might play textbook defense. But Jeff's answer is a text book example of taking the east way out.  So you'd rather have both, depending on the situation.  Not cool, we need some conviction around here.  Still, I agree with his points on JJ's defense. It's better than you think.


Thanks for everyone's responses.  There were some great one's as well which didn't go up like Matt's from Vancouver, Rob's from SC, and Chris's from Tampa.  We'll have many more Questions of the Week coming up, so keep the responses coming in! 




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