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Daily Dribble | Message Board  | Question of the Week

By Shawn Siegel



College Basketball: Most Hated Coach


In this week's CHN Question of the Week, we bucked the holiday spirit, and asked which coaches the fans love to hate. Not surprising, the consensus pick was none other than college basketball's most well-known general, Coach K.  But there were some other surprises and not so surprises (Roy Williams, Bobby Knight, etc) to make the list


This Week's Question

Which college basketball coach do you hate?  The simple sight of this coach or his team makes you sick.  Why do you have these feelings?


After posting your responses, I'll have some commentary before moving to the next.


"I'm going to have to go with none other than Rick Pitino for this one. The man looks like some kind of mafia don, always taking care to sport as much gaudy gold jewelry as possible. He should just borrow Flava Flav's 24K gold alarm clock and start wearing it to games - it couldn't weigh much more than the rest of the tasteless hardware he keeps strapped on himself on the sidelines. And his hair - I can only imagine the amount of fruitless effort he must spend crafting that battleship before every game.



Memphis, TN"


Flavor Flav, complete with clock, at Power 106 FM in California.I love this response. It went on for a few more paragraphs, but I had to cut it down for space limitations.  The image of Pitino carrying Flav's gold alarm clock is hilarious.

"It would have to be Coach K with his holier and cleaner than thou attitude when more than a few know he spews profanities court side regularly and does his best to intimidate referees. He's also been given more than an unfair advantage in recruiting with commercials.



McHenry, KY"


This response pretty much sums up the feelings on Coach K.  No surprise this email is from what appears to be a Kentucky fan.  Still bitter about the Laettner shot?


"John Brady at LSU gets on my nerves.  He seems to be cocky on the sidelines. Many SEC fans have a disdain for him, especially Arkansas fans after that controversial game they played last year.  He's not a coach who comes to mind when talking about the most recognizable coaches in the nation like a Tubby Smith or Tom Izzo, but he's drawn the ire of many fans within the league.


Paducah, KY"


Another response from a Kentucky native.  Apparently blue grass makes you angry.  Brady does seem to get on a lot of people's nerves.  I even know a lot of LSU fans who don't like him despite the bang up recruiting job he's done.


Here's one last response from a Kentuckian:


"Without a doubt the college basketball coach I hate the most is Western Kentucky head man Darrin Horn. I already hated WKU, from the old OVC rivalry with my alma mater, Murray State. Now they have a former player -- who was a punk then and is a punk now -- at the helm. He is also about as arrogant as the prototypical Hilltopper fan.



Murray, KY"


I like this response. Not only attacks, the coach and his school, but even goes after their fans.  That is called passion.


"Jim Boeheim and Syracuse.  He's an extraordinary person both on and off the court.  However, they always play that stupid 2-3 zone that just slows the game right down, and they have the easiest non-conference schedule of anyone in the country (which makes them overhyped in the media's eyes because of their gaudy record).  There is no way that they should have won the National Championship in 2003, they were an inexperienced and incomplete team that just got hot at the right time.



Winnipeg, CA"


Okay, I was with you until the end.  If they were inexperienced and incomplete, doesn't it make their winning the championship even that much more impressive?


"On the basis of pure jealousy, it would have to be Mike Krzyzewski of Duke.  Don't get me wrong, he is up there as one of the greatest coaches of all time.  However, if you're not a Cameron Crazy, you have to posses some dislike or jeaulosy for the man and his team..  I'll compare him and the Blue Devils to Steinbrenner and the Yankees..



Vancouver, CA"


Another long response I needed to cut down to size. This guy at least was honest about the jealousy towards Coach K.


"I possess a deep hatred for Roy "Benedict" Williams.  After he publicly stated that he would be a Jayhawk for life, he deliberately stabbed his players, the organization, and the fans right in the back. And it really put a stick in my crawl when he said his national title at UNC was for Kansas as well.  I can't wait until the day Roy has to play against the Jayhawks and he finally "pays heed to the fog.



Lawrence, KS"


You just knew a Kansas fan had to chime in about Roy.  I don't blame em, if I was a Kansas fan, I'd hate him too.


And finally, it was only a matter of time before this guy would draw some ire:


"I hate Bobby Knight.  I have disliked him since I was a kid and he was at IU.  Then, I grew up and realized what a good coach he was.   But, then, he was hired by the pansy AD at my alma mater to coach the great Red Raiders.  He is an angry, joyless individual who mistreats people.   I feel he tarnishes what Texas Tech, and the community of Lubbock, stand for.  He may raise money and raise the profile of our athletic program, but I for one, will always wish he was elsewhere.



Dallas, TX"


This is my favorite response of all.  It's one thing for a UK fan to hate Coach K or a Kansas fan to hate Roy W, but a fan hating the coach of his very own beloved alma mater the most?  That is what we call hatred.


As always, I couldn't post everyone's answers.  But here are some good one-liners.

"Bruiser Flint.  Memo to him: Calm Down!"

"Rick Pitino, the biggest ego on the planet."

"Coach K, solely because of Dickie V."

"Chaney, he put that goon in and should have gotten fired."

"Coach K, because he is a hypocrite and an $*#&@."

"Calhoun, No human being should have to listen to the stuff he says!"


Thanks for everyone's responses.  We'll have many more Questions of the Week coming up, so keep the responses coming in! 


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