State of 08: Top Programs by State

August 19th, 2008

*Our State of '08 journey finally ends today with Wisconsin.  If you've missed any of the earlier states, spend some time clicking through the links provided below.

INTRO: Now that I've rolled out the last of the Rise & Fall articles, its time to move onto something bigger & better (or at least slightly different).. a state by state ranking of D1 men's basketball programs.

This is not a ranking based on next year's projected success (we have a whole preview for that), but is a general program ranking based mostly on recent success (the last five years) along with subjective factors such as conference prestige, historical success and program direction.

Every state but Alaska has a D1 basketball team, but this is made up by the 4 programs in Washington, DC. Seven states (which you can see below) only have one program.. so there's not much to note there. Then there are seven states with 2 teams.. each pair will be ranked together in one big opening article.. followed by the four 3-team states, and then 32 individual articles to follow.

While some states like California and Texas are loaded with universities, others like Arizona or Kansas only have a few, the order of which isn't hard to figure out (hmm NAU or UofA?..). Thus the length of these state ranking articles will vary greatly.. from just a couple lines to hundreds of words.

D1 Basketball Programs by State

None (1) - Alaska

One (7) - Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming

Two (7) - Delaware, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, West Virginia

Three (4)  - Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Rhode Island


Four+ (32) - Top Team in parantheses

Alabama - 9 (Alabama)

Arkansas - 5 (Arkansas)

California - 24 (UCLA)

Colorado - 5 (Air Force)

Connecticut - 7 (UCONN)

Washington, DC - 4 (Georgetown)

Florida - 13 (Florida)

Georgia - 7 (Georgia Tech)

Illinois - 12 (Illinois)

Indiana - 10 (Indiana)

Iowa - 4 (Iowa)

Kentucky - 6 (Kentucky)

Louisiana - 13 (LSU)

Maryland - 9 (Maryland)

Massachusetts - 6 (Boston College)

Michigan - 7 (Michigan State)

Mississippi - 6 (Mississippi State)

Missouri - 5 (Missouri State)

New Jersey - 8 (Seton Hall)

New York - 22 (Syracuse)

North Carolina - 19 (North Carolina)

Ohio - 13 (Ohio State)

Oklahoma - 4 (Oklahoma)

Oregon - 4 (Oregon)

Pennsylvania - 14 (Pittsburgh)

South Carolina - 12 (Clemson)

Tennessee - 12 (Memphis)

Texas - 21 (Texas)

Utah - 6 (BYU)

Virginia - 14 (VCU)

Washington - 4 (Gonzaga)

Wisconsin - 4 (Wisconsin)

Hope you enjoyed our journey through college basketball nation!