2006-07 College All-American Preview

March 1st, 2006
2006-07 College All-American Preview

McDonald's All-Americans shape the face of the college game.  Next year we project that 37 teams will have at least one All-American on their roster (38 if Rudy Gay stays in school.)  Amongst these teams, the wealth is pretty spread out as only 8 teams have more than 2 on their roster.  The exception is down in Tobacco Road where 13 (over a third of All-Americans) will be divided between Duke and North Carolina.

After last week's announcement of the 2006 All-American teams, we took a look at how the college basketball landscape will look in 2006-07.  We project the starting lineups for each team that will have an All-American on its roster, note important players they are losing, and any All-Americans who might be coming off the bench. (Note: We made predictions on undecided players such as Lance Thomas and Darrell Arthur)

DUKE (7)

Key losses due to graduation: J.J. Redick (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Sean Dockery (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Shelden Williams, Lee Melchionni


Predicted starters: PG Greg Paulus (2005 McDonald’s All-American), SG DeMarcus Nelson (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SF Gerald Henderson (2006 McDonald’s All-American), PF Lance Thomas (2006 McDonald’s All-American)^, C Josh McRoberts (2005 McDonald’s All-American)


Bench: Jon Scheyer (2006 McDonald’s All-American), Eric Boateng (2005 McDonald’s All-American)


^ Thomas is undecided and may also end up at Rutgers


UNC (6)

Key losses due to graduation: David Noel


Predicted starters: PG Bobby Frasor (2005 McDonald’s All-American), SG Wayne Ellington (2006 McDonald’s All-American), SF Reyshawn Terry, PF Brandan Wright (2006 McDonald’s All-American), C Tyler Hansbrough (2005 McDonald’s All-American)


Bench: Tywon Lawson (2006 McDonald’s All-American), Danny Green (2005 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Brad Buckman (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Kenton Paulino


Predicted starters: PG Daniel Gibson (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SG Craig Winder, SF P.J. Tucker, PF Kevin Durant (2006 McDonald’s All-American), C LaMarcus Aldridge (2004 McDonald’s All-American)


Bench: DJ Augustin (2006 McDonald’s All-American), Mike Williams (2004 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: None


Predicted starters: PG Mario Chalmers (2005 McDonald’s All-American), SG Brandon Rush, SF Julian Wright (2005 McDonald’s All-American), PF Darnell Jackson, C Sasha Kaun


Bench: Sherron Collins (2006 McDonald’s All-American), Micah Downs (2005 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Terence Dials, Je'Kel Foster, Ron Lewis, J.J. Sullinger, Matt Sylvester


Predicted starters: PG Jamar Butler, SG Daequan Cook (2006 McDonald’s All-American), SF Ivan Harris (2003 McDonald’s All-American), PF Matt Terwilliger, C Greg Oden (2006 McDonald’s All-American)


Bench: Mike Conley (2006 McDonald's All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Hassan Adams (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Chris Rodgers


Predicted starters: PG Mustafa Shakur (2003 McDonald’s All-American), SG Marcus Williams, SF Chase Budinger (2006 McDonald’s All-American), PF Ivan Radenovic, C Kirk Walters


Bench: Jawann McClellan (2004 McDonald’s All-American)


UCLA (3)

Key losses due to graduation: Cedric Bozeman (2001 McDonald’s All-American)


Predicted starters: PG Jordan Farmar (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SG Josh Shipp, SF Arron Afflalo (2004 McDonald’s All-American), PF James Keefe (2006 McDonald’s All-American), C Lorenzo Mata



Key losses due to graduation: Patrick Sparks, Ravi Moss


Predicted starters: PG Rajon Rondo (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SG Joe Crawford (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SF Bobby Perry, PF Sheray Thomas, C Randolph Morris (2004 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Matt Haryasz, Chris Hernandez, Dan Grunfeld


Predicted starters: PG Mitch Johnson, SG Tim Morris, SF Taj Finger, PF Brook Lopez (2006 McDonald’s All-American), C Robin Lopez (2006 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Taquan Dean


Predicted starters: PG Andre McGee, SG Brandon Jenkins, SF Earl Clark (2006 McDonald’s All-American), PF Juan Palacios, C David Padgett (2003 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Brandon Roy, Bobby Jones, Jamaal Williams, Mike Jensen


Predicted starters: PG Justin Dentmon, SG Ryan Appleby, SF Hans Gasser, PF Jon Brockman (2005 McDonald’s All-American), C Spencer Hawes (2006 McDonald’s All-American)


LSU (2)

Key losses due to graduation: Darrel Mitchell


Predicted starters: PG Tack Minor, SG Garrett Temple, SF Tasmin Mitchell (2005 McDonald’s All-American), PF Tyrus Thomas*, C Glen Davis (2004 McDonald’s All-American)*

* Davis or Thomas may go pro.



Key losses due to graduation: Mario West


Predicted starters: PG Zam 'Buck' Fredrick, SG Anthony Morrow, SF Thaddeus Young (2006 McDonald’s All-American), PF Jeremis Smith, C Ra'Sean Dickey


Bench: Javaris Crittenton (2006 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Patrick Fields, Tommy Swanson


Predicted starters: PG Demond Carter (2006 McDonald’s All-American), SG Aaron Bruce, G Curtis Jerrells, F Darrell Arthur (2006 McDonald’s All-American)^, C Mamadou Diene


^Arthur is undecided and may end up at Kansas



Key losses due to graduation: Ivan Johnson, Brandon Lincoln


Predicted starters: PG Aaron Brooks (2003 McDonald’s All-American), SG Malik Hairston (2004 McDonald’s All-American), G Bryce Taylor, F Maarty Leunen, C Ray Schafer



Key losses due to graduation: Paul Davis (2003 McDonald’s All-American), Maurice Ager


Predicted starters: PG Drew Neitzel, SG Shannon Brown (2003 McDonald’s All-American), G Travis Walton, PF Marquise Gray, C Goran Suton



Key losses due to graduation: Torin Francis (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Chris Quinn, Rick Cornett


Predicted starters: PG Kyle McAlarney, SG Colin Falls, G Russell Carter, F Rob Kurz, C Luke Zeller (2005 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Travis Garrison (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Nik Caner‑Medley, Chris McCray


Predicted starters: PG D.J. Strawberry, SG Mike Jones (2003 McDonald’s All-American), G Sterling Ledbetter, SF James Gist, PF Ekene Ibekwe



Key losses due to graduation: Brandon Bowman, Ashanti Cook,  Darrel Owens


Predicted starters: PG Jonathan Wallace, SG Jessie Sapp, SF Jeff Green, PF Vernon Macklin (2006 McDonald’s All-American), C Roy Hibbert



Key losses due to graduation: Taj Gray, Terrell Everett, Kevin Bookout, Nate Carter


Predicted starters: PG Scottie Reynolds (2006 McDonald’s All-American), SG Michael Neal, G David Godbold, F Taylor Griffin, C Longar Longar



Key losses due to graduation: None


Predicted starters: PG Taurean Green, SG Corey Brewer (2004 McDonald’s All-American), SF Chris Richard, PF Al Horford, C Joakim Noah



Key losses due to graduation: Ronny LeMelle


Predicted starters: PG Quantez Robertson, SG Rasheem Barrett, G Frank Tolbert, SF Josh Dollard, PF Korvotney Barber (2005 McDonald’s All-American)



Key losses due to graduation: Rodney Carney


Predicted starters: PG Darius Washington (2004 McDonald’s All-American)*, SG Chris Douglas‑Roberts, G Antonio Anderson, SF Shawne Williams*, PF Joey Dorsey


*Washington Jr and/or Williams may go pro.



Key losses due to graduation: Marco Killingsworth, Marshall Strickland


Predicted starters: PG Earl Calloway, SG Roderick Wilmont, SF Robert Vaden (may leave), PF DJ White (2004 McDonald’s All-American), C Ben Allen



Key losses due to graduation: Brian Thornton, Dedrick Finn


Predicted starters: PG Drew Lavender (2003 McDonald’s All-American), SG Stanley Burrell, SF Justin Cage, PF Justin Doellman, F Josh Duncan



Key losses due to graduation: Ray Nixon

Predicted starters: PG Kammron Taylor, SG Michael Flowers, SF Marcus Landry, PF Alando Tucker, C Brian Butch (2003 McDonald’s All-American)


Key losses due to graduation: Richard Midgley, Rod Benson


Predicted starters: PG Ayinde Ubaka, SG Omar Wilkes, SF Theo Robertson, PF Leon Powe (2003 McDonald’s All-American)*, C DeVon Hardin


* Powe may go pro



Key losses due to graduation: Randy Foye, Allan Ray, Jason Fraser (2002 McDonald’s All-American)


Predicted starters: PG Kyle Lowry, SG Mike Nardi, SF Shane Clark, PF Curtis Sumpter, PF Will Sheridan



Key losses due to graduation: Eric Williams (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Justin Gray, Trent Strickland, Michael Drum


Predicted starters: PG Sharmaine Dukes, SG Harvey Hale, SF Cameron Stanley, PF Kevin Swinton, C Kyle Visser



Key losses due to graduation: Dee Brown (2002 McDonald’s All-American), James Augustine


Predicted starters: PG Jamar Smith, SG Rich McBride, SF Brian Randle, PF Warren Carter, C Shaun Pruitt



Key losses due to graduation: Daniel Horton (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Lester Abram, Chris Hunter, Graham Brown


Predicted starters: PG Jerret Smith, SG Dion Harris, SF Ron Coleman, PF Brent Petway, C Courtney Sims



Key losses due to graduation: Michael Thompson (2002 McDonald’s All-American), Vedran Vukusic, Mohamed Hachad, Tim Doyle


Predicted starters: PG Craig Moore, SG Sterling Williams, SF Patrick Houlihan, PF Jean‑Marc Melchior, C Vince Scott




Key losses due to graduation: Eric Hicks, Jihad Muhammad, Armein Kirkland, James White (2001 McDonald’s All-American)


Predicted starters: PG Devan Downey, SG Domonic Tilford, SF Cedric McGowan, PF DeAndre Coleman, C Ronald Allen



Key losses due to graduation: Gerry McNamara


Predicted starters: PG Josh Wright, SG Eric Devendorf (2005 McDonald’s All-American), SF Demetris Nichols, PF Terrence Roberts, C Darryl Watkins



Key losses due to graduation: Ilian Evtimov, Tony Bethel, Cameron Bennerman


Predicted starters: PG Engin Atsur, SG Gavin Grant, SF Brandon Costner (2005 McDonald’s All-American), PF Andrew Brackman, C Cedric Simmons



Key losses due to graduation: Mario Boggan, Jamaal Brown


Predicted starters: PG JamesOn Curry, SG Byron Eaton (2005 McDonald’s All-American), SF Torre Johnson, PF David Monds, C Kenny Cooper



Key losses due to graduation: Chuck Davis, Jean Felix


Predicted starters: PG Ronald Steele, SG Brandon Hollinger, SF Jermareo Davidson, PF Richard Hendrix (2005 McDonald’s All-American), F Alonzo Gee