All-American Game: Review & Scouting Reports

March 30th, 2006
All-American Review & Scouting Reports


The West surprised the East in winning the 2006 McDonald All-American game by a 112-94 margin. Who won, lost, and by what score doesn't really matter in these games. What matters of course is how the individual talent shined.  Kevin Durant won the MVP award, affirming the judgment of those who consider him the nation's 2nd best talent.  Greg Oden was limited with a wrist injury, but still showed off his dominant shot-blocking ability.


Darrell Arthur - PF 6-9 220 South Oak Cliff HS (Dallas, TX) ?

Like most big kids these days, has surprising range.  One of the few top stars without a college, he did nothing to particularly impress or turn off his suitors this evening.  He’s basically a lesser version of Thadeus Young.

Tonight: C+ ,Overall: B


D.J. Augustin - PG 6-0 180 Hightower HS (Fresno, TX) Texas

Has a thick body in the mold of smaller Deron Williams.  Doesn’t really have that wow factor you expect from a starting guard in the All-American game, but this is a weak crop of point guards.  His three-point shooting is a nice attribute, which seems to be the norm for Texas guards under Rick Barnes.

Tonight: B- ,Overall: B-


Chase Budinger - WF 6-8 200 La Costa Canyon (Encinitas, CA) Arizona

Top notch athlete and leaper.  He’s known for having a more well-rounded offensive arsenal than most players, and his play in the open-court helped the West team to a win tonight. His passing ability and court vision was impressive.

Tonight: B ,Overall: A-


Demond Carter - SG 5-11 170 Reserve Christian (Laplace, LA) Baylor

Carter got shafted with first half minutes, but got more of a chance to do his thing in the second half.  Though his reputation is being a big time scorer, Carter clearly has the handle and passing ability to run things on the break.  His point guard skills will be more tested in the half court.

Tonight: C ,Overall: C+


Earl Clark – SF 6-9 220 Rahway HS, NJ (Rahway, NJ) Louisville

Clark is one of my favorite overall talents, though tonight he didn’t really get a chance to be exceptional. His shot has never looked pretty, but it is continually improving.  Clark is amazing when he gets a chance to push the ball up the court and lead the break, but with so many guards out there, he was relegated to just playing on the wings.

Tonight: C ,Overall: B+


Sherron Collins - PG 5-11 195 Crane Technical Prep (Chicago) Kansas

Obviously good talent, with especially good hops for a 5-11 kid, but he’s relatively pedestrian as far as All-Americans go.  Seems destined to be a bench player behind Mario Chalmers next year.

Tonight: B ,Overall: B-


Mike Conley - PG 6-1 170 Lawrence North (Indianapolis, IN) Ohio State

Conley played without Oden for most of the first half and was a little more aggressive than usual going to the hole, though he wasn’t able to finish.  He was relatively non-existant in the second half.  As far as point guards go, he’s a lesser talent than Collins despite being ranked higher by some services.

Tonight: C ,Overall: C+


Daequan Cook - SG 6-5 200 Dunbar HS (Dayton, OH) Ohio State

Lost in the Oden hype at Ohio State, Cook is a prototypical wing player.  He runs the floor, has range, and is not afraid to shoot.  Isn’t the type of guy who really creates for other players or makes those around him better.

Tonight: B ,Overall: B


Javaris Crittenton - SG 6-5 195 SW Atlanta Christian (Atlanta) Ga Tech

Crittenton was one of the flashiest guys out there, and his ball-handling has improved over the past couple of years.  His ability to both play the point guard and score is impressive.

Tonight: B ,Overall: B+


Kevin Durant - WF 6-10 205 Montrose Christian (Suitland, MD) Texas

Durant was feeling it tonight, and showed off his scoring ability, both finishing on the break and shooting the jumper. This kid is so lean and thin its not even funny, but his potential is huge.  He has more overall potential than LaMarcus Aldridge, though he needs to spend a lot of time in the gym so he can finish strong down low.

Tonight: A ,Overall: A


Wayne Ellington - SG 6-4 185 Episcopal (Wynnewood, PA) UNC

Ellington was overshadowed by his teammate Henderson tonight, but still flashed some range.  He doesn’t have the handle of other similar sized players like Crittenton, nor the explosiveness of a Cook. Solid, but not spectacular.

Tonight: B- ,Overall: B


Spencer Hawes - C 7-0 230 Seattle Prep (Seattle, WA) Washington

Unlike Oden who just dunks, Hawes loves to show off his footwork down in the post. There’s a reason he’s considered arguably the second best players in his class, and its because 7 foot high school kids aren’t supposed to have the well-rounded offensive game he has.  Obviously not as physically dominant as Oden, but he brings so much more to the table on the offensive end than the Lopez twins.

Tonight: B+ ,Overall: A-


Gerald Henderson - WF 6-5 190 Episcopal (Blue Bell, PA) Duke

Henderson is a rock-solid, smooth wing. For all the talk about UNC’s class, and his teammate Ellington, Henderson just always seems better despite being ranked lower.  Unlike some wings like a Daequan Cook, he’s more than just shoot-a-three or dunk, as he can score in so many ways.

Tonight: A- ,Overall: B+


James Keefe - PF 6-8 220 Santa Margarita Cath. (S. Mar., CA) UCLA

Keefe’s numbers weren’t great, but he was better than I expected.  Unlike other guys his height like Wright, or Young, or Thomas, Keefe has a thicker, more physically developed body.  His shooting stroke is simply pretty for a big man.  I think he will be surprisingly effective in college.

Tonight: C ,Overall: B-


Tywon Lawson - PG 6-0 190 Oak Hill Academy (Clinton, MD) UNC

Considered the number one point guard in the country, Lawson’s quickness is his most impressive attribute.  He did what you expect from him in the open court, but didn’t stand out tonight.

Tonight: C+ ,Overall: B+


Brook Lopez - PF 7-0 245 San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno, CA) Stanford

When you see the Lopez twins play in this all-star setting, they’re bound to appear underwhelming.  You simply have to keep reminding yourself that they’re 7-feet tall, and stronger, more fluid, and more coordinated than other kids their size not named Oden or Hawes.  The comparisons to the Collins twins are obvious because of their workman-like nature, though the Lopez boys have prettier and more fluid games.

Tonight: B- ,Overall: A-


Robin Lopez - C 7-0 245 San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno, CA) Stanford

Robin has longer hair, and is considered to have a less developed offensive game than his brother.

Tonight: B ,Overall: B+


Vernon Macklin - C 6-9 225 Hargrave Military (Portsmouth, VA) G'Town

Macklin was much improved since the last time I saw him a year ago.  Even though he’s more of a traditional big man than most of the other 6-8 to 6-10 guys in the game, Macklin still runs and jumps extremely well while still being stronger than most.  Macklin gets lost in the mix on the national scene, but he is a major impact player.

Tonight: B ,Overall: A-


Greg Oden - C 7-1 260 Lawrence North (Indianapolis, IN) Ohio State

Oden was dominant on defense before a wrist injury limited his minutes.  Rock solid as always, the only thing you wish you’d see more of is a back to the basket post game.  Doesn’t matter, he’s still the man.

Tonight: B+ ,Overall: A+


Scottie Reynolds - SG 6-1 185 Herndon (Herndon, VA) Oklahoma

Reynolds is the type of rock-solid point guard every team would want. He tries hard, keeps his cool, and isn’t out there just to show off.  It’ll be interesting how his disappointment with Coach Sampson leaving turns out once the Sooners name their new coach.

Tonight: B- ,Overall: B-


Jon Scheyer - SG 6-6 180 Glenbrook North HS, IL (Northbrook, IL) Duke

Playing point tonight but will be two-guard at Duke.  The ball just comes off his hand with such a soft touch, every shot he throws up looks good.  Strength is an obvious weakness.  Don’t buy the JJ comparisons, Scheyer already has a more well-rounded game on top of the money jumper.

Tonight: B ,Overall: B+


Lance Thomas - PF 6-8 200 St. Benedict’s (Scotch Plains, NJ) ?

Thomas has really impressed me in the past, but he didn’t get a chance to shine tonight.  Running the floor and scoring are his best attributes. He can handle obviously well for a guy 6-8, though not quite as well and with as much vision as an Earl Clark. 

Tonight: C ,Overall: B


Brandan Wright - PF 6-9 200 Brentwood Academy (Nashville, TN) UNC

Wright was rather disappointing.  The word you always hear with Wright is “potential”, because he always appears raw (ie, not as good) as some of the other major high school stars.  His lefty shot is awkward, and doesn’t seem natural.  Because he’s a lefty, you hear comparisons about Chris Bosh, but Wright’s game isn’t nearly as developed as Bosh’s was at this point. 

Tonight: C+ ,Overall: B-


Thaddeus Young - SF 6-8 215 Mitchell (Memphis, TN) Georgia Tech

Young’s a top notch athlete, who could be a major scoring star at Georgia Tech with Crittenton setting him up.  He was one of the top handful of players in the game.

Tonight: A- ,Overall: A-