Big East Basketball Quiz

October 16th, 2006

Here is a 100-point quiz for avid Big East fans to see how much they know about conference-related matters, both past and present.  Answers to the questions will be provided tomorrow.  Post the quiz on your favorite message board and see who is truly the biggest and best Big East basketball fan!


1. Two of the three new coaches were head coaches at other schools last year.  Identify which coaches and which schools.  (2 points)


2. Two of last year’s Big East head coaches were hired as head coaches of different D-1 programs for this season.  Identify one of the two coaches and his new school.   (2 points)


3. Identify the seven Big East players that were selected in the first round of the NBA draft last spring.  (7 points)


4. Identify the four Big East players that were second-round selections in the NBA draft.  (4 points)


5. Name all 16 present Big East head coaches.  (16 points)


6. Identify the four highest-ranked members of the incoming freshmen class on RSCI - a combined ranking system based on six individual ranking sources).  (4 points)


7. Identify the two separate groups of three incoming Big East freshmen who played together as teammates last season.  (6 points)


8. Identify the two incoming Big East freshmen guards who started together on the same prep school team last year.  (2 points)


9. Among players returning to the Big East this year, identify the leader (for conference games only) in each of the following categories.  (10 points)  

a.  Scoring Average  

b.  Rebounding Average  

c.  Overall Shooting Percentage (Minimum of Five Made Field Goals Per Game)

d. Three-Point Field Goals (Total Number Made)

e.  Free Throw Percentage (Minimum of 2.5 Attempts Per Game)

f.   Assists  

g.  Steals  

h.  Blocked Shots  

i.   Assist-to-Turnover Ratio  

j.   Minutes Played (Minutes Per Game)


10. Two present Big East coaches were recently inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame, but two other former Big East coaches preceded them.  Identify the two former coaches.  (2 points)


11. Identify the seven scholarship players that transferred from other D-1 programs and are presently listed on active rosters for this season.  (7 points)


12. Identify the player who transferred from another D-1 program to a Big East school but has been indefinitely suspended from the team and is not presently listed on its roster.  (1 point)


13. Identify the Cincinnati junior college recruit who was a first-team juco all-American and originally committed to Duquesne before changing his mind and joining the Bearcats program.  (1 point)


14. Identify the two junior college transfers coming into the league this year that do not attend Cincinnati.  (2 points)


15. Only one school returns all five players who generally started for the team last year when they were healthy.  Identify the school (1 point) and the five players. (5 points)


16. One school has no regular starters from the conference season returning this year.  Identify the school (1 point) and the five regular starters. (5 points)


17. Which returning Big East starter is from Canada? (1 point)


18. Identify which regular Big East starter from last year transferred to another school outside the conference, as well as the school he transferred to. (2 points)


19. Identify the cities that are home to each of the following schools. (4 points)

 a.  Connecticut

 b.  Rutgers

 c.  Seton Hall

 d.  South Florida


20. Identify the conference school that last appeared in the NCAA Tournament in 1991. (1 point)


21. Identify the home court of each of the following Big East teams. (6 points)

a.  Cincinnati

b.  Georgetown

c.  Louisville

d.  Notre Dame

e.  Providence

f.  Syracuse  


22. Identify the individual who is credited with being the founder of the Big East.  (1 point)


23. Identify the current commissioner of the Big East. (1 point)


24. Two Big East teams have gained reputations for playing primarily zone defense under their current coaches.  Identify the two teams (2 points) and the basic zone defense each one employs a majority of time.  (2 points)


25. One Big East team uses an offensive approach (albeit modified) that had its origins in the Ivy League. Identify the name of the original offense and the present Big East team that employs it. (2 points)

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