All-American Team

March 29th, 2007

Player of the Year: Kevin Durant (Texas)

First-Team All-American
G: Acie Law (Texas A&M)
G: Alando Tucker (Wisconsin)
F: Kevin Durant (Texas)
F: Nick Fazekas (Nevada)
C: Greg Oden (Ohio State)

Second-Team All-American
G: Arron Afflalo (UCLA)
G: Chris Lofton (Tennessee)
F: Jared Dudley (BC)
F: Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)
C: Aaron Gray (Pittsburgh)

Third-Team All-American
G: Aaron Brooks (Oregon)
G: Sean Singletary (Virginia)
F: Al Thornton (Florida State)
F: Al Horford (Florida)
C: Joakim Noah (Florida)

Fourth-Team All-American
G: Darren Collison (UCLA)
G: Jarrius Jackson (Texas Tech)
F: Jeff Green (Georgetown)
F: Mario Boggan (Oklohoma State)
C: Glen Davis (LSU)

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