Daily Dribble: 3/21

March 21st, 2007

- Amazingly, only one of the country's Top 50 scorers is left in the NCAA Tournament. Chris Lofton ranks 18th nationally in ppg at 20.6 per game. The next best scorers left are Tyler Hansbrough at 64th nationally (18.1 per game) and then Acie Law at 67th (17.9 per game).

- In rebounds its a little bit better, Greg Oden and Aaron Gray are tied at 16th nationally with 9.7 per game.

- Even though there's only 1 of the nation's Top 63 individual scorers left, a lot of best scoring teams are left. Year after year, the teams that score the ball best tend to fare best in college basketball. UNC is #2, Florida #4, Kansas #6, Memphis #7, UNLV #13, Tennessee #16, and Oregon #20.

- This year's NIT reaffirms what we already know about college basketball.. that home teams are more likely to win games than not. Home team have gone 22-4 so far. The lone road wins are NC St over Drexel, San Diego St over Missouri State, Marist over Oklahoma, and DePaul over Kansas State. Not too much of a trend we can pick out from those games.. except that as the Big Dance has proven, the Big 12 isnt much outside of its top two.

- Perhaps the RPI, which had the Big 12 7th, and just barely ahead of the MWC was on to something afterall.

- For the reason above, I wouldn't make too much about a team's advancing through the NIT. The team's that are left are mostly the high seeds with home-court advantage. And these are all teams that dominated at home all year.. Air Force (13-1 at home), West Virginia (13-1), Mississippi State (13-3), you get the point.

- West Virginia's Frank Young is on some kind of tear in recent weeks. In his three NIT games, Young is 26 of 35 from the floor (74.3%), and 14 of 20 from three (70%).

- I don't know what's more surprising, that Georgetown's Roy Hibbert's had 3 double-doubles in a row, or that the 7-2 junior only had 5 all season before March.

- Not very often a low-major coach gets fired right after making the Big Dance. But Long Beach State's firing of Larry Reynolds does make some sense. Basically this team had a 7-man rotation and all 7 were seniors. No non-senior played even 10 minutes a game and the feeling is that the program will go from glory to ugly next year.

- Nice signing by Georgia State picking up Rod Barnes. Barnes career record of 141-109 at Ole Miss is underrated.. though obviously the last year or so ther wasn't too pretty. Still, its not very often you can sign a former National Coach of the Year.

- Big Baby going pro makes sense.. though if you were his agent, you'd prefer he at least had some momentum going into the Draft (like he had last year). Davis had solid numbers this year (17 and 10 per game), but his team stunk.. and they won their biggest game (against Florida) without him. The fact that he had arguably the worst game of his career (1 of 8 shooting and just 6 points) in his final game (a 20 point loss to Ole Miss) doesn't help either.

- I'm sure the remaining rounds of the Tournament will be exciting.. but the weeks after the Dance might even be more interesting. This is when we'll see who will and who won't go pro.

- Equally interesting will be seeing which low-major school takes a chance at signing Tommy Amaker. Hey, some teams dream of the NIT..