Games of the Night: UNC at NC State

February 20th, 2008

Games of the Night


A companion to our daily Three Stars of the Day, we present the top three Games of the Night.


#3 North Carolina (24-2) at NC State (15-10)

7:00 PM ESPN

There will be a lot of discussion about this game on ESPN all day and all night so there's not too much I can or want to add..

Prediction: North Carolina


Houston (19-5) at UAB (17-8)

8:00 PM

The CUSA is obviously a one horse race. But its not completely out of the question that one of these teams could squeak into the tourney as an at-large bid with a big finish. Houston is the more likely invite with a higher RPI and better overall and conference record. However, Houston hasn't beaten many good teams.. with a win at Kentucky their best yet. Similarly, a win over Houston would be UAB's best yet.. so one of these teams gets a big boost tomorrow. UAB is great at home (just the blown loss to Memphis) and should come out the victor.

Prediction: UAB


#8 Butler (24-2) at UIC (14-12)

8:00 PM

This game might not look like much going by the records. But UIC definitely has a chance to upset the Bulldogs tonight. Last year, UIC was one of three HL teams to beat Butler, knocking them off 73-67 early in 2007 after the Bulldogs were 14-1. This year, UIC beat 3rd place Cleveland State at home and only lost to 2nd place Wright State by a point. Junior guard Josh Mayo is one of the best guards in the league (he hit big shots in the win last year), and gives UIC a chance to beat anyone at the Pavilion. An upset here wouldn't be that shocking.

Prediction: Butler


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