Thursday's Sweet Recap and More

March 28th, 2008
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Okay...maybe I don't have a gaudy record in the Madness picks, but I have to say so far, I'm money when it counts. 4-0 yesterday; 37-15 overall. 7 of my Elite Eight are still alive (having lost Georgetown on Sunday), with Kansas, Texas and Memphis giving me hope tonight. I rarely ever have a complete Final Four, so I'm hoping nothing strange happens (knocking on wood right now). My Final Four and beyond are also still intact. Interestingly, one of the pools I have money in, I picked Louisville for shits and giggles in the Final Four, but everything else I have UNC. We'll see what happens. Louisville looked awesome in ripping apart Tennessee; will they enough left for UNC? UCLA had to (surprisingly) hang on, but on to a great match-up with Xavier. On paper, Saturday's Regional Finals look great and I'm looking forward.

Today's battles? Not as compelling on paper as last night, but the favorites can't rest easy, especially Memphis and Kansas. Michigan State has been weird to me all year and are certainly capable of an upset. Wisconsin is doing what championship teams do: play defense. The game of the day: Texas-Stanford. Could we see a regulation game in the 100's for both? Potentially, I think so.

Non Madness stuff:

-Can Seth Greenberg now stop his belly aching about not making the NCAA's? Losing to Mississippi in the NIT quarters not exactly a way to think, maybe he was right. 14 losses this year; not really a great year in my book.

-It's still interesting to me seeing all the anti Duke stuff. Some people haven compared them to the Yankees. I think that's pushing it, but is all the bashing truly fair?. Why is Carolina treated more harshly? They have, to me, a much longer and deeper pedigree. Could it be public vs. private (school)? I've had a great degree of respect for Duke over the years, plus their basketball program has been clean (not saying UNC isn't) and their coach is the best. Maybe it's the perception of entitlement...

-So now San Francisco wants to pretend Barry Bonds* didn't exist? Apparently, his images have been removed from San Francisco's ball park. So one puts in 15 years, and this is what he gets? I HATE Bonds, but is this right?

I will post Friday's recap later on tonight. A Baseball preview will hopefully be coming very soon...