Tourney Talk: Cal's Mike Montgomery

March 17th, 2009's Jon Teitel spent a lot of time Monday on conference calls with some of the biggest coaches & players in college basketball. Here are highlights of what the coaches & players had to say about their team's chances in the 2009 NCAA Tournament:



Coach Mike Montgomery


Q: What are your weaknesses this year?

A: We just do not really have anyone who is comfortable in the low post. It is really hard to score in the low post in the tourney because it is a very physical game and there is a lack of calls, so the ball is often in the hands of the guards.


Q: What do you think of your seed?

A: I think #7 is about where we fit, as the Pac-10 champ (USC) was a #6 seed. The Pac-10 was plenty tough enough for me, so I don't care if anyone else thinks our conference is weak.


Q: What impact has Theo Robertson made after being hurt last year?

A: Theo has been a great addition for us. He has played a couple of different positions, is very steady, and does not make a lot of mistakes.


Q: What is the key to reaching the Final 4?

A: Match-ups are critical: if you get a bad one, then you are stuck. You do not get a lot of time to prepare, so it is important to be playing well at the right time. It also helps to have individual performance from your key people who are playing out of this world. It is difficult to advance unless you are vastly superior to your opponent.