Tourney Tidbits: Obscure Facts to Help you Pick Your Bracket

March 12th, 2012

Every bit of information can help you win pick a better bracket. As part of his Bracket Tactics series, here are seven random factoids by Jon Teitel and how they can help you pick your bracket. Happy Picking!




Fact: Purdue has won 13 straight NCAA tournament openers since 1994 (longest active streak in country).

Strategy: The Boilermakers have played well whether they are seeded high (#1 seed in 1994) or low (#10 seed in 1999), so go ahead and advance them to the round of 32 (although Saint Mary's might try and do something about that streak).



Fact: There are only 7 active coaches who have won at least 70% of their NCAA tournament games (minimum 5 appearances).

Strategy: Louisville (Rick Pitino 74.5 W/L%) and Florida (Billy Donovan 73.3 W/L%) should not be overlooked.



Fact: There are 9 teams who have won at least 80% of their games in the round of 64 (minimum 5 games).

Strategy: Fight, shmight: Cincinnati has won 13 of its 15 opening games (86.7%). Look out Texas.



Fact: There are only 8 teams that have won at least 75% of their games in the round of 32 (minimum 5 games).

Strategy: Cinderella alert: If Davidson and/or Long Beach St can get win their opener, they have each won 4 of their 5 games (80%) when trying to get into the Sweet 16. Both of these teams are in the same pod.



Fact: The last champ with only 1 loss was Texas Western in 1966.

Strategy: Maybe it was a good thing Kentucky lost the SEC championship game.



Fact: Only 9 teams who have won at least 70% of their Sweet 16 games (minimum 5 games).

Strategy: Georgetown has won 8 of its 11 Sweet 16 games, but only Temple has won a perfect 7-of-7.



Fact:  Nine teams have have won over 80% of their NCAA tournament games in their home state.

Strategy: You can bank on North Carolina (96.7 W/L%) and Duke (88.9 W/L%) in their Greensboro, NC games.


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