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Bracketology: Texas & Seton Hall Back In66.85717
Bracketology: Siegel's 2011 Debut487
Virginia Tech Basketball Preview: #6474.14297
#94 Providence: 2010-11 Basketball Preview43.28577
2008-09 Oklahoma State Preview: #491007
Cheerleader of the Day: UNLV43.42867
Missouri: 2009 NCAA Tournament Capsule97.71437
Big Ten Basketball Preview: 2008-0981.14297 Top 50: Kansas Back to #148.14297
2008-09 UCONN Basketball Preview: #395.42867
Bracketology: Arizona In, Texas on Edge, St. Joseph's Close747
SEC Coach Ranking: A New #1?64.57147 Top 50: UNC & UCONN Tumble81.28577
2009-10 Bowling Green Basketball Preview: #12888.14297
Oklahoma State Basketball Preview: #3581.14297
#116 Oral Roberts: 2010-11 Basketball Preview76.42867
NCAA Basketball Conference Ranking: 2008-0955.14297
#56 Louisville: 2010-11 Basketball Preview62.14297
College Basketball: Surprise Teams of 200983.85717
College Basketball: Seven Day Stretch55.14297
#61 Georgia: 2010-11 Basketball Preview677
Northern Iowa: 2009 NCAA Tournament Capsule83.57147
College Basketball: Top Sophomores727
DeMarcus Cousins (LeFlore, AL) Follows Calipari76.42867
James Madison Basketball Preview: #12581.14297
Milwaukee Bucks: 2009 NBA Draft64.71437
Georgia Tech Basketball Preview: #2671.71437
Minnesota Basketball Preview: #1883.57147
LMU Signs PG Anthony Ireland88.42867
College Basketball TV Schedule: December 7-1362.28577
Bracketology: 2nd To Last Update64.42867
2008-09 Mississippi State Basketball Preview: #96937
#44 Minnesota: 2010-11 Basketball Preview69.42867
Butler Basketball Preview: #11677
#24 BYU: 2010-11 Basketball Preview97.71437
George Hill: NBA Draft Profile71.71437
Mid-Major Player of the Week: Rene Rougeau97.71437
Writer's Picks: Upsets, Cinderellas, and the Champion90.57147
UCONN: 2011 NCAA Tournament747
Pittsburgh: 2009 NCAA Tournament Capsule747