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Vickers Variable piston pumps

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Variable control modes of axial piston motor are various. According to different control modes, there are manual, electric, proportional, servo, etc. According to whether feedback can be divided into open-loop and closed-loop control, closed-loop control has constant pressure, constant current, constant power and load-sensitive adaptive control, etc. The control mode of axial piston pump has been superior or inferior. It has become an important indicator of its quality, but there are also some problems in variable control. The improvement and solution of these problems is also an important technology of axial piston pump/motor.

(l) Because of the axial piston pump/motor flow distribution structure, it will produce large flow and pressure pulsation, which will interfere with the control.

(2) the range of variables is small. Swashplate pump mainly depends on changing the inclination of the swashplate to achieve variables, inclination by the inclination moment and the structure of the slipper and other factors, generally less than 18 years. The German Linde company 02 series pumps adopt the new slipper hinge structure to increase the inclination angle to 21. The ordinary ball hinge is a Slipper Shoe stopper structure, while the 02 series is a plunger pack slipper structure, and the ball socket is made on the plunger. This structure makes the displacement increase by 16% and the volume reduction by 18%.

(3) Variable mechanism of axial piston pump/motor is generally sensitive to oil contamination and needs to be well maintained.